We partner with established Financial Institutions to offer financial safety net, ultimately leading to financial freedom, to their network of customers. We understand individual aspirations and empower customers to make financial decisions with ease.

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BCs & Payment Fintech Companies

BCs & Payment Fintech Companies

Financial Services companies with a focus on a range of financial services, primarily focussing on Personal Loans have seen a reduction in growth due to shrinkage in bank credit lines and rising NPAs.

Based on extensive research on the savings behavior of the lower and middle-income households, SmartGold MicroSavings product offers a facility to promote systematic savings to create a financial safety net for the vulnerable.

MFIs & Lending Fintech Companies

An integral part of any Micro-Finance company is the Mission to promote Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment. We offer a product that not only fulfills that mission but also offers additional opportunities on your lending platforms. We offer unique ways to increase revenue without capital infusion and further allow it to be leveraged to offer a gold loan to customers which further strengthens Credit Assessments.

Extensive research on financial behavior indicates that a borrowing customer also saves simultaneously and we offer you a platform to capture that business as well.

MFIs & Lending Fintech Companies


Explore synergies between Micro-Savings product and your outreach to the farmers and Self Help Groups. Dvara SmartGold – a Micro-Savings product, linked to gold, assists partners to enhance their Financial Inclusion efforts.

SmartGold offers a B2B2C Phygital model wherein members of FPOs and SHGs can save digitally but at the same time get all benefits of physical gold namely, conversion to physical gold in form of coins, bar, or jewelry or get a loan against their gold locker balance.

Wealth Management Companies

An important aspect of Financial Planning, apart from returns, is the need to reduce the volatility of the investment portfolio. To achieve this, Financial Planners recommend investments across multiple asset classes through a combination of Mutual Funds, Bank Deposits, Insurance and a host of other products. Several empirical studies recommend that at least 15% to 20% of that investments should be made in gold. In Developing Economies the recommendation is an even higher percentage because of the inflation protection gold investments offer. At present many use Gold ETF as a means to achieve gold exposure.

We at Dvara SmartGold offer a product wherein your commissions could be 5x to 8x higher! As per Research findings, SmartGold SIP Plan will not only help acquire new customers but also create customer ‘stickiness’ with existing customers. We also create an opportunity to acquire new customers who may not comfortable with investment products such as Mutual Funds.

Wealth Management Companies

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